Paver Colors

Outdoor spaces deserve the same attention as indoor spaces when you want to transform your outdoor space from one that is pale and lifeless to one that is tropical and exotic. If you are looking for a local paver installer that can help you realize your dream hardscape features and more, you are in the right place. Our professional team of designers and installers are experts in all facets of hardscaping and outdoor living areas.

We take all the key factors into consideration when we design and install amenities in your landscape, and we also look to provide you value for money, in every job we handle for you. There are times that only one type of paver color will do. Either the existing color of the home is so dominating that it dictates the paver color that should be used, or maybe you already know what color you like best. We have partnerships with leading paver manufacturers in the country, such as Belgard, so we have access to different paver types that our clients may request.

Aqua-Bric | Aqua Roc | Cambridge Cobble | Cambridge Paver Tile | Dublin Cobble | Eco Dublin | Holland Paver Tile | Holland Stone | Lafitt™ | Lafitt™ Grana Slab | Lafitt™ Rustic Slab | Mega-Arbel® | Mega-Bergerac® | Mega-Lafitt™ | Old World™ Paver | Subterra® Stone | Turfstone™ | Urbana Paver Tile | Urbana® Stone | Anchor Diamond® 9D | Anchor Diamond Pro® | Belair Wall® | Celtik® Wall | Celtik® Wall Freestanding | Century Wall | Country Manor® | Stonegate | Weston Stone® | Bordeaux Series | Brighton Series | Bristol Series | Jamestown Series | Wexford Series | Anglia Edger | Celtik® Curb | Coping | Granika Step



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