At Gibbs Landscaping & Lawn Care we provide our clients with the following services:


Grading Services, Lebanon TN

We provide site preparation and grading services to level the land and provide a stable base for your project. Grading comes into the picture if the land isn’t leveled well or if it has slopes. Grading outdoor spaces of your property gives it a distinctive structure and ensures that the ground is leveled correctly. We are the right company to hire for this task, because of our highly skilled team, modern equipment, and lengthy experience in the industry. Every property development or construction project must be handled by competent people who are not only experienced but also equipped with the right tools and equipment. Read More About Grading here >>


Earthworks Services, Nashville TN

We offer complete earthworks solutions whether you have new site development plans or want to maintain your property. Our forestry mulching services can take care of any overgrowth or unwanted vegetation on your property. We use specialized equipment to make your property more beautiful and useful. In addition to land clearing services, we also provide pond bank cleanup, creek bank cleanup, fence row cleanup and many more competent services. We are a full-service landscaping company that handles all types of projects. Read More About Earthworks here >>


Excavation Services, Donelson TN

We provide excavation services completed in a very meticulous, contained and confined manner, in order to offer the landscape the right structure. Excavation is an essential service that is part of a larger landscape installation process. The land will be dug at various points to accommodate irrigation & drainage systems or driveway, pathway, pool and pond features. We offer a personalized approach to every project we handle and we use the latest excavation equipment in our work. Our team of people is highly skilled and well-trained and have worked on a large number of construction projects. Read More About Excavation here >>

Drainage & Irrigation Installation

Drainage & Irrigation, Hermitage TN

We are a reliable, knowledgeable and experienced landscaping contractor who is able to offer you comprehensive grading and irrigation services under a single roof. Beautiful landscapes that are practical, function well, and are long-lasting require various features, installations, and regular maintenance. You need to have the right kind of drainage and irrigation systems designed and installed in a professional manner in order to ensure the long-lasting beauty and safety of your outdoor areas. Read More About Drainage & Irrigation Installation here >>

Demolition/Houses & Buildings

Demolition/Houses & Buildings, Mt Juliet TN

We provide reliable, safe, and efficient professional demolition services to commercial and residential clients. Over the years, we have handled various types of big and small house and building demolition projects. We have the equipment, resources, expertise, and knowledge to tackle every job to industry standards. As a licensed and insured company, we have what it takes to manage these jobs to the satisfaction of our clients. We provide these services at incredibly competitive costs and complete the demolition thoroughly and safely. Whether you want a commercial structure, or a house demolished, we are the company to call. Read More About Demolition/Houses & Buildings here >>

Landscaping Services

Landscaping Services, Nashville TN

We provide a full range of complex landscaping services throughout the greater Nashville, TN region. From design and installation to repairs and maintenance; we are your one-stop shop for all things landscaping. We take pride in our exceptional attention to details, dedication to each task, and adherence to standards of excellence in landscape services. We have invested heavily in purchasing appropriate tools and equipment to perform all our tasks with ease and efficiency. Moreover, each of our landscape personnel has undergone professional training and worked on numerous projects in the past. We are instrumental in transforming boring landscapes into stunning real estate that their owners are truly proud of. Read More About Landscaping Services here >>

Sod Installation

Sod Installation, Franklin TN

It is our belief that when it comes to a new lawn there is one method that will guarantee you a fabulous lawn instantly, and that is sod installation. We are able to source the best quality grown sod and install it on your property for an instant new lawn. A well-manicured lawn can make all the difference in the appearance of your yard and home. Great lawns are the sites of the best barbecues and a soft, comfortable surface for the kids to play on. Plus, a beautiful lush carpet of grass isn’t just pleasing to the eye, it will actually raise the value of your property. Read More About Sod Installation here >>

Septic Installation & Repairs

Septic Installation & Repairs, Lebanon, TN

All kinds of septic systems, whether installed in homes or commercial properties, should be installed by professionals. Installers and maintenance contractors should have the technical expertise to ensure the efficient functioning of the septic system. Its design must be in accordance with the local building code and construction standards. The use of top-quality materials is also vital since this system is one of the most utilized installations in the home. But don't just hire any contractor out there. Make sure that your chosen contractor has extensive experience in designing and installing septic systems. Read more about Septic Installation & Repairs here >>

Paver Installation

Paver Installation, Old Hickory, TN

The outdoor spaces of your property are exposed daily to the elements which makes it necessary to ensure that you build every feature using good quality, exterior grade materials. The beauty, durability, and sustainability of your landscape depend on how well all the paver features have been installed. We have a team of hardworking and experienced people who have been designing and installing pavers in outdoor spaces on residential and commercial properties for years. You can choose from a beautiful range of pavers that will prove to be durable, low maintenance and easy to clean and install. Read More About Paver Installation here >>

Outdoor Living

Outdoor Living, Rural Hill, TN

Making the backyard more functional and using the available space in an optimal way is a lot about making sure that you get the right types of features installed. There are some great reasons why homeowners should extend their living space outdoors: it increases the market value of your property, it creates extra spaces while beautifying the whole area and making it a favorite gathering spot for family and friends. Would you also like to add a hardscape feature to your outdoor living space? We can install a pre-built element from the Harmony Outdoor Living range for you. Their products include fireplaces, fire pits, water features and brick ovens. Read More About Outdoor Living here >>

Retaining Walls

Retaining Walls, Donelson, TN

Retaining walls have important functions in landscapes and outdoor areas. They prevent unstable soil from eroding that can cause damages to nearby structures. They also serve decorative purposes and make unused areas functional. However, the building of a retaining wall should be carried out by a professional who has all of the knowledge on local standards and codes, as well as some engineering knowledge. We take great pride in our ability to create wall structures that can last a lifetime without suffering major damages or requiring a major repair or reconstruction effort. Not only that, we can assure clients to enjoy wall features that can uplift their outdoors' aesthetic merits.Read More About Retaining Walls here >>

Outdoor Kitchens & BBQs

Outdoor Kitchens & BBQs, Hermitage, TN

If you are in need of a new outdoor kitchen or a BBQ for your landscape, then we are the company you have been looking for. Let the team at Gibbs Landscaping & Lawn Care complete your outdoor living area with the addition of an outdoor kitchen, BBQ and other features you may want. Our custom-built outdoor kitchens are always made from top-quality materials and we only recommend leading brands that are proven tough and long-lasting. Your kitchen will not only look great but will also be highly functional because of our creative kitchen designers. You will be able to do all of your cooking and entertaining in your outdoor space rather than having everyone cooped up inside. Read More About Outdoor Kitchens & BBQs here >>

Fireplace & Fire Pit

Fireplace & Fire Pit, Nashville, TN

Would you like a custom designed and built outdoor fireplace or fire pit in your outdoor living space? Such fire features installed on your property create a very unique and inviting look. Our skilled crew can help you with everything you need, we can take your design requirements and create a personalized fire amenity that satisfies your specifications. Our company uses only the highest-grade products and materials in our work, so you'll have attractive fire features that are durable and easy to maintain. You can enjoy your outdoor stay with friends and family in front of a nice fireplace or fire pit that will make your bonding moment comfortable in chilly weather. Read More About Fireplace & Fire Pit here>>


Pergolas, Mt Juliet, TN

There is no doubt that pergolas have become very popular landscape additions nowadays. These wooden structures that almost seem incomplete can make a really beautiful feature in your yard particularly when you add vines to them. A customized pergola is a perfect fit for your backyard since it enhances the functionality and appeal of the patio area. Hire us professionals who are well-experienced in custom pergola design and installation and you will have the perfect simple, low-cost shade structure. Read More About Pergolas here>>

Erosion Control

Erosion Control, Lebanon, TN One of the environmental hazards that every property owner should be concerned about is soil erosion. It can cause massive damage to structures, landscape features, and even injuries to people. But these scenarios can be avoided if you have erosion control structures built in strategic areas in your property. They must be professionally designed by experts like us, to ensure the structure’s reliability and durability. We have several years of experience in property development projects so we know how this particular job is done. We assure you that we will create the right erosion control structures in your property.Read More About Erosion Control here>>

Storm Water Management

Storm Water Management, Old Hickory, TN

Creating storm water management facilities in your property is necessary because it prevents flooding and protects the structure’s foundation from damage. It is important to manage storm water, especially in urban areas where the runoff can be a potential flood risk. We are a full-service contractor that specializes in installing storm water management facilities. With careful planning, efficient design, and use of durable materials, we guarantee a fail-safe, engineered facility that effectively manages storm water runoffs, controls flow rates and removes pollutants. Read More About Storm Water Management here>>

Tree Services

Tree Services, Rural Hill, TN

Almost every landscaping job involves trees of some sort, and your yard will benefit if you maintain them appropriately, whether that means pruning, crown thinning, cabling or even full removal. In most landscaping jobs, trees are a foundational aspect of the overall design - too many trees with unruly growth can make it a convoluted mess, while having few or none at all can make it feel too barren. The quality tree services we offer are essential if you want to strike the perfect balance in your landscape design. Read More About Tree Services here>>


Hydroseeding, Nashville, TN

Hydroseeding is a fast and affordable way to install or repair damaged turf areas in your lawn, on sports fields, levees, new commercial building sites, or even along roadsides. Our organic hydro-mulch mixture represents the most effective and economical biological approach to turf establishment. Some key advantages of hydroseeding are moisture retention, erosion control, and offers a cost-effective alternative to laying sod. We are highly experienced in creating the ultimate hydroseeding mixture and understand and can work with the benefits of hydroseeding. Read More About Hydroseeding here >>

Underground Utilities

Underground Utilities, Lebanon, TN

Underground utility installation requires sophisticated equipment to ensure the job is completed efficiently and economically. The equipment necessary varies according to whether the surface is dirt, rock, or asphalt. Our experienced work crew will select the best suitable equipment for your project and ensure that it is maintained and set to operate with a professional operator at the wheel. Any construction job, including underground work, requires meticulous planning, and that is what we focus on in all our projects. Underground utilities include electricity cables, streetlights, traffic lights, natural gas, water and stormwater drainpipes, television cables, and the amenities needed to operate your house or business property. Our highly trained operators have undergone comprehensive training on how to handle any heavy-duty equipment safely, minimizing the possibility of colliding with an unplanned utility pipeline or cable. Before establishing the most effective excavation plans for underground utility installation, our crew takes the time to understand your demands completely. Read More About Underground Utilities >>

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