Ponds & Waterfalls

Ponds & WaterfallsA water feature adds value to a property, not to mention its aesthetics and therapeutic effects. Don't forget also that having a water element in the area is good for harmony and balance. That is, if you're a feng shui believer. A pool may be the most common choice because of possible activities in it. But if you're not ready for such a big investment, better settle with ponds and waterfalls.

Right Type of Pond for Your Landscape

The type of pond we are all familiar with is a static one. It has just enough water for small swimming fishes, decorated with rocks and water plants, and tranquility. However, there are other types of ponds, which are not yet known to many.

One popular type is the koi pond, which is called as such because it's made to tame koi fishes. It must be made in accordance to the natural habitat of koi fishes. What makes this type popular is that it brings good luck to a property. There's also the water garden, which basically has more plants than fishes. Sometimes, it has no fish in it -- only a collection of beautiful shrubs, water lilies, and other flowering plants.

Ponds & Waterfalls

Ponds can be small or large, pale or vibrant, active or serene, and clear or murky. The options are enough to cause confusion. That's why you need a professional like Gibbs Landscaping & Lawn Care so that you will be given proper advice on what will be the best option for your landscape.

We have been designing ponds for Tennessee homeowners for years and have worked with a variety of water features. Our goal is to exceed your expectation. That's why the design will always consider your personal preferences as well as what's best for the entire landscape scene.

Stunning Waterfalls

A pond can be a stand-alone water feature or it can be more interesting by adding a waterfall. It is actually better if ponds and waterfalls are combined for a more interesting water feature. The latter provide that musical sound of nature that's truly relaxing, especially if added to a busy urban jungle. But the sound is not the only advantage of adding a waterfall. By itself, it is beautiful enough to be the most ideal focal point of the area. With waterfalls, it is possible to create multilayered ponds or showcase a beautiful background.

Ponds & Waterfalls

Besides aesthetics, waterfalls also provide aeration for the fishes in the pond, thus erasing the need for a pump. Although it is always built with a pond, creating a pondless waterfall is also possible.

If added to a pond, the waterfall must never disturb and damage plants. The pond, on the other hand, must be deep enough so as to avoid excess splash and create beautiful and amplified sound.

Creating Water Features for Tennessee Landscapes

Gibbs Landscaping & Lawn Care knows exactly how to build ponds and waterfalls based on what's best for the entire landscape and your personal preference. Don't worry about the design, installation and other technicalities in creating these water features. With our years of experience, we surely can build whatever type of water feature you may be looking for.

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