It's financially wise to make use of all your space. After all, space is expensive. No wonder why outdoor living areas are on the rise. Besides a patio, Tennessee is now fond of the Italian-originated pergola.

What is a Pergola?

Pergolas, Nashville TN Traditionally speaking, pergolas are walkways added to Italian renaissance gardens to support grape vines and similar vine plants. The original idea was to create a canopy on the wooden lattice work, creating a very natural and beautiful covered walkway. Eventually, they were added not only to cover walkways but as stand-alone spaces in the garden.

Today, they are either semi-open or semi-close structures, providing just enough shade and sunshine. The seemingly incomplete structures might make you think that such structures are not advisable for extending living spaces outdoors. But their skeleton-looking appeal makes them the perfect relaxation haven that allows unobstructed admiration of the entire landscape design. And, since they're open, they can easily blend to the surrounding.

Pergolas should not be confused with trellises, gazebos, and arbors. Trellises are also made up of wooden latticework (sometimes wrought iron), only that they create wall panels, instead of a complete structure. Arbors are usually arched and two-post structures that are also commonly made out of wood. Gazebos are bigger than pergolas and are completely roofed. They can have walls or not, but what makes them unique is their polygon-shaped roofs.

Perfectly Placed Pergola

Pergola Design, Mt Juliet TN Most pergolas are attached to the side of home or other structures. In this case, they will look like semi-covered patios. They are perfect for homes with very limited space or if there's already a paved surface beside the structure. The attached is also better because it is less expensive and easier to build. There are also stand-alone pergolas. They're basically added to a garden, near the pool or pond, beside an outdoor kitchen, and near the patio or courtyard. When choosing the perfect location, consider the sunshine and shade. The great thing about these structures is that they provide warmth during winter and cool breeze on summer days. A semi-shaded area that allows enough sunrays in will be the perfect pergola location.

Our Pergola

Pergola Installation, Lebanon TN Gibbs Excavating & Grading offers everything that your landscape will need. Our men are trained and experienced to render the best quality of craftsmanship so you can be assured of a long-lasting pergola, whether beside your home or at the middle of a garden. To make this possible, we also use superior materials. Hardwood is our only choice. It's possible to add wrought iron for aesthetic appeal. We can also add growing vines if you prefer the Italian version of pergolas.

We pave not only the structure itself but also the flooring so that it will complement the wooden latticework. We use pavers to ensure that the entire structure will last from generations to generations.

Besides building pergola, we also build more challenging structures, like gazebos, patios, and decks and even simpler ones, like arbors and trellises. Please check out more of our landscaping services, and you'll see that, with us, you don't get just the most stunning pergolas but a scenic landscape, overall.

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