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Having a beautiful backyard will never be easy with your effort alone. Besides very limited knowledge, most owners are inexperienced in doing landscaping jobs that only an experienced landscaping company can offer. That's why Gibbs Landscaping & Lawn Care focuses on an industry that it is an expert in -- providing top-notch landscaping services.

Conceptualization and Design

Landscaping Services, Nashville TN Planning is everything in landscaping. A well-prepared and well-thought-of design will last forever and will be easy to maintain. Our conceptualization and design for a landscape is based on what the owner wants and the land's capacity. You may want a land that's completely covered with flowering plants. But if the soil and Tennessee weather don't allow it, then it will be a waste of time and money. This doesn't mean, however, that there will be a lot of limitations. With us, there is no limitation -- only better options.

Our designers have been conceptualizing and designing landscapes in the state for years. We use state-of-the-art tools to give you the most accurate feel of the soon-to-be finished landscape. The goal is to satisfy your wants and needs. And with a perfect landscape design, it will be possible.

Set up and Installation

Landscaping Design, Hermitage TN What's the sense of a landscape on paper if it cannot be materialized? No worries because part of our landscaping services is the set up and installation. We take care of everything -- from preparation of the soil to setting up the furniture pieces and displays on your outdoor living spaces.

The current condition of the area will affect the number of installations in your landscape. It can be just the mere adding of outdoor living spaces, like a kitchen and BBQ, a fireplace, a patio, a gazebo, and a pool. But don't worry if you still have a barren yard -- we can handle the site preparation. Meanwhile, immediate installation of sod lawns and pavers is possible in a well-prepared site.

It will also depend on what you're planning to do with the place. For instance, if a large portion of the area will be turned into a full-fledged garden, then you'll need mulch installation, plantings, and similar landscaping services.

Maintenance and Repair

Landscaping, Donelson TN Even the perfect landscape design and the best landscape installation cannot save the land from doing maintenance and repair. What these can do is to minimize the unnecessary work after everything is set and done. So to keep the landscape looking perfect, there must be a regular maintenance and repair.

We do lawn care services, like mowing and fertilizing. We can also prepare the lawn and garden for the changing season. For trees, we offer trimming, pruning, and other similar tree care services.

Besides the softscape, we also do maintenance and repair for the hardscape. We can repair or replace cracked concrete pavers. Another job that we can perform is sealing pavers. We also recommend pressure washing if you have stained pavers.

A One-Stop-Shop Landscaping Company

Gibbs Landscaping & Lawn Care has everything that a landscape owner will ever need. Our company has been providing variety of landscaping services for residential and commercial properties in Tennessee. Hiring us for design, installation, and maintenance will mean saving money for you.

Please feel free to contact us to learn more of our premium but affordable landscaping services.

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