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Fireplace & Fire Pit, Dickson, TN Among the best additions to any Middle Tennessee landscape is a fireplace or a fire pit. Apart from keeping oneself warm during cold, winter nights, fireplaces and fire pits also provide some very useful benefits for homeowners.

With Tennessee's subtropical climate, summer days can be extremely and uncomfortably humid, while winter nights can be unforgiving cold. It is during such chilly evenings that a fireplace and fire pit combination is helpful.

Like indoor fireplaces and fire pits, the outdoor type can also provide the needed warmth to keep oneself comfortable during the winter nights in Tennessee.

The Beauty of Customized Fireplaces and Fire pits

Fireplace & Fire Pit Design, Nashville TN Now, if you're excited to have such amenities installed on your outdoors, we suggest going for the best, not just the ordinary ones.

Here at Gibbs Landscaping & Lawn Care, we encourage our clients to choose a customized fireplace and fire pit. This is to ensure that they will complement the design and theme of the landscape for a uniformed look.

Customization also ensures that clients can maximize the use and functions of their fireplaces and fire pits. We prefer the customized ones because they best reflect the personality of our clients.

Customizing these fire features also allow us to show our creativity and professional skills. Being an experienced landscaping company, we have skilled workers who can create stunning and functional fireplaces and fire pits that are sure to turn heads.

Apart from this, we also guarantee that our creation will last for decades. We assure this by using only the right type of bricks and materials for these fire features.

Materials for Fire pits and Fireplaces

Among the materials that we use when building a custom-made fireplace and fire pit include:
  • Bricks. Most fireplaces are made of bricks. This is actually the common choice of most homeowners. Aside from being fireproof, brick is also very natural-looking with its earthy feel and look.
  • Natural stones. Stones are also great materials for these outdoor elements. We can use natural stones such as marble, granite, slate, sandstone, and limestone. These materials will make your fire features look stunning and attractive.

Reliable Installation

Fireplace & Fire Pit, Lebanon TN At Gibbs Landscaping & Lawn Care, we always aim for your complete satisfaction. Our company follows the strict requirements for fire feature installation. We place them strategically to ensure that they will not pose any safety risk and to guarantee that they will be used to their fullest potential.

Best of all, we design them uniquely for each client so that no two homeowners will have the same fireplace and fire pit design.

Apart from customized fireplaces and fire pits, we also install pre-made fire pits or fireplaces. These fire features are definite time-savers since we can install them in a day or two.

Now, if the idea of having one of our premium fire pits and fireplaces gets you excited, call us today and we'll be glad to create your dream fire features.

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